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You win to lotterie more than 5 millions euros. Your mom ask you what are you going to do with money. (オープン)
2009年10月11日 (436 週 前)
289 投票
タグ: mom
Can atheists be moral (オープン)
2008年10月10日 (488 週 前)
11 投票
タグ: god, athiesm, atheist, science, philosophy, politics, demographics, christianity, jewish, ladies, men, babies, animals, food, travel, sex, love
Which of these towns/cities was the worst smelling, dirtiest, ugliest oil reifinery town/city you have ever seen? (オープン)
2010年08月09日 (392 週 前)
4 投票
タグ: travel, environment, oil, business, air, pollution
How would you spend your tax bonus? (オープン)
2009年04月23日 (460 週 前)
16 投票
タグ: tax, bonus, australia, economic, stimulus
Daddy is in travel for work, and you stole his MSN password. You're in your bedroom and you connect from your computer, pretend you're daddy. Mommy connects her camera and is nude on her bed. (オープン)
2009年10月11日 (436 週 前)
264 投票
タグ: mom2
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